Our Story

Founded in 2001, Triple A Promotions exclusively served the unique needs of property management companies and property managers primarily in California. Today we serve a multitude of clients from marketing professionals and sales managers to construction companies, tech companies, family owned businesses, global corporations, educational institutions, and non-profits throughout the United States.
I'm Valerie Charles, the owner & operator of Triple A Promotions.  The opportunity to purchase Triple A Promotions was presented to me in 2018 just as I completed my doctoral work in Organizational Psychology - as an executive coach & trainer, marketing seemed like a great addition to the mix!  It was an offer I couldn't refuse, as it aligned with my values & goals, and, the timing was perfect.  It's been an exciting and rewarding journey - I'm so happy that we get to make a positive impact by providing our clients with fabulous merchandise, at a great value, to promote their company and help make their brand memorable in exciting ways.  It brings me joy when I read emails saying, "I received our merchandise and I LOVE it!"
Each item we present to you is thoughtfully curated to create cohesion with your strategic marketing plan.  We make sure that every item reflects your company's unique vision, style, image & message...our mission is to help make your brand memorable.  We support internal marketing initiatives and team building events, and we make celebrations extra special too!
We are excited to get to know you as we work together to create the best solutions for your promotional marketing needs.



Valerie & The Triple A Promotions Team



We are excited to get to know you as we create memorable merchandise, apparel & printed collateral to promote your brand!